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As a forklift operator in San Bernardino, CA, you know your license doesn’t last forever. Forklift certification typically expires after three years, making recertification essential for ongoing employment and safety compliance.

Our guide provides clear steps to navigate the renewal process smoothly with OSHA National Safety Training’s expert assistance. Keep reading to stay on top of your game!

Key Takeaways

  • Forklift licenses must be renewed every three years in San Bernardino, CA to comply with OSHA safety regulations.
  • Operators need a current or recently expired certificate and no serious accidents or infractions for recertification eligibility.
  • Recertification includes passing written tests and practical assessments that cover safe forklift operation practices and understanding the newest safety guidelines.
  • OSHA National Safety Training offers compliant programs with experienced instructors who provide both classroom instruction and hands-on training exercises onsite.
  • To enroll in a forklift recertification program, you can contact OSHA National Safety Training by phone or email. Flexible scheduling options are available to accommodate different availability.

When and How to Renew Your Forklift License


To ensure workplace safety and compliance with OSHA regulations, forklift operators must renew their license every 3 years. Our recertification process includes training and evaluation to ensure that operators have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate forklifts safely.

Importance of recertification


Staying current with your forklift certification is key to keeping the workplace safe and meeting OSHA’s compliance requirements. Recertification acts as a vital refresher, bringing you up to speed with the latest safety measures and operating guidelines.

It protects you and your co-workers by reducing the risk of mishaps involving forklifts or motor trucks. By renewing your certification every three years, you not only solidify important skills but also stay informed about any new safety laws.

Getting recertified helps maintain your credentials as a certified forklift driver, which is especially important when handling vehicles like semi-trailers or off-highway vehicles in high-traffic areas.

Your dedication to safety shows employers that you are serious about responsibly managing heavy equipment such as motorized bicycles or sport utility vehicles. Continuous learning through these courses keeps drivers skilled and helps cut down on accidents that could stem from outdated know-how or overlooked updates in certification.

Requirements and eligibility for recertification

To renew their forklift certification, drivers must hold a current certificate that is almost out of date or has just expired. According to OSHA’s regulations, this often means recertification every three years.

Drivers who want to recertify cannot have had any serious accidents or infractions with a forklift since their last certificate was issued. Those who have been evaluated and found to lack proper performance or safe operation skills will need additional hands-on practice.

Drivers must prove they still know what they’re doing by passing both written tests and practical assessments successfully. They need to be prepared to safely deal with common on-the-job situations involving forklifts, while following all safety and health rules.

A thorough understanding of details about fifth wheels and ignition interlock systems might also be part of the test during recertification, making sure drivers are fully aware of vehicle safety standards.

The goal is always to prioritize worker safety without compromising workplace efficiency.

Training and evaluation process

The training and evaluation process for forklift recertification involves both classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience. First, you’ll sit through courses that cover the latest OSHA compliance standards, ensuring your knowledge is up-to-date on occupational health and safety regulations.

Instructors focus on teaching best practices for operating a variety of forklift trucks safely in work environments.

After completing theoretical learning, you move onto the practical side where things get real as you take control of a forklift truck under supervision. Here, experienced trainers assess your ability to handle the vehicle safely through various exercises that mimic everyday scenarios.

These might include navigating tight spaces or loading items onto truck beds accurately without compromising employee safety. This rigorous assessment ensures that operators maintain their skills at peak performance levels while adhering to strict motor vehicle-related safety protocols.

Following this section about training and evaluation comes vital information on how OSHA National Safety Training stands out with its benefits and offerings..

Benefits of Choosing OSHA National Safety Training



OSHA National Safety Training offers OSHA-compliant training programs, led by experienced and certified instructors, with onsite training options available for added convenience.

OSHA-compliant training programs

Forklift Recertification Programs

Our comprehensive forklift recertification programs are designed to comply with OSHA regulations. We ensure that operators possess the knowledge and skills needed to operate forklifts safely.

Our training covers essential aspects, including proper use of controls, load handling, and navigating different work environments. With our training, operators gain a deep understanding of forklift safety protocols and best practices to minimize workplace accidents.

Experienced and certified instructors

Title: Forklift Recertification Training by Experienced Instructors

Experienced and certified instructors lead our forklift recertification training programs, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise in occupational safety and health. They ensure that every participant receives top-notch instruction, focusing on hands-on forklift training and providing practical guidance to help employees gain the skills needed to operate forklifts safely and effectively.

Our instructors are well-versed in OSHA-compliant training protocols, offering a comprehensive learning experience tailored to meet the specific needs of forklift operators. Through their expert guidance, participants can confidently navigate the re-certification process while reinforcing their understanding of essential safety practices.

Onsite training options

Transitioning from the experienced and certified instructors at OSHA National Safety Training, you have the option of onsite training. Our team can conduct comprehensive forklift recertification directly at your location.

This convenient option allows your operators to undergo hands-on training in their familiar work environment, ensuring practical skills are honed to meet safety standards without disrupting daily operations.

Contact Information and Enrollments

Contact OSHA National Safety Training today to enroll in our forklift recertification program and ensure that you’re up-to-date with the latest safety regulations. Read on to learn more about how our OSHA-compliant training programs can benefit your career as a forklift operator.

How to contact OSHA National Safety Training for forklift recertification

To enroll in forklift recertification, reach out to our team by phone or email. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the enrollment process and provide information on upcoming training dates in San Bernardino, CA.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ensure you meet the necessary requirements for renewing your forklift license.

For quick assistance with your forklift recertification needs, contact us at your earliest convenience. We are here to support you through the entire process, from enrollment to successful renewal of your forklift certification.

Enrollment options and upcoming training dates

Enroll in our forklift recertification training by selecting from a range of flexible dates and times. Our upcoming training sessions are designed to fit various schedules, with morning, afternoon, and evening options available.

Experienced instructors will guide you through the hands-on training process to efficiently renew your license.

Contact us through the information on our website or give us a call today to secure your spot in one of our upcoming training sessions. Take advantage of this opportunity to recertify your forklift license with OSHA-compliant training programs led by certified professionals.


1. When do I need to renew my forklift license in San Bernardino, CA?

You should renew your forklift license every three years to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) rules.

2. What kind of training is needed for forklift recertification in San Bernardino?

Hands-on forklift training is required to ensure you can safely operate a forklift and understand OHSA regulations.

3. Where can I go for my hands-on training and renewal process in the Inland Empire area?

In San Bernardino’s Inland Empire area, there are certified training centers where you can receive hands-on instruction and complete your renewal process.

4. Do I need any Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) paperwork to renew my certification?

No DMV vehicle registration or ignition interlock device documentation is necessary; however, you may need proof of your current or expired certification during your recertification course.

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